Jamie Coulter Ministries

Some people know him as the “Little Giant of Gospel Music,” and others know him as The Skateboard Preacher.” Jamie Coulter is a 3ft. tall man who uses his passion for music to help people reconnect and find peace. He strives to cultivate positivity through his soulful religious songs in his universal message – meant to make people feel comfortable.

Early Childhood

On October 23, 1966, AB and Marie Coulter gave birth to a new baby boy in the small town of Crossett, AR. But it wasn’t long until they realized that it wasn’t going to be the happy occasion as it was with the other six children they had in the past. It wasn’t long until the doctors informed them that their newborn son, Jamie, had a rare disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, also known as brittle bone disease.

The Coulters were devastated to hear the news but being the prayer warrior that she had always been, Marie prayed, “Lord if you can give him the gift of life, you can give him the power of healing.” Marie said that her little son looked as if he were a little bird that had fallen from a nest and was broken into pieces. But God had His hand all over this baby extraordinaire.

God did see the baby through, but the road ahead was still rocky. Jamie would undergo 30 significant operations, broken bones, and countless trips to the hospital. Through the love and prayers of his family and the utmost care, he survived. The miracle had happened. Even though the hard times the family was enduring, little Jamie began the journey that the Lord had in store for his life.


How It Began

At the young age of six, Jamie started singing, a passion he would faithfully continue for the rest of his life. While singing at his home church on a Sunday, a Gospel music promoter, who was attending the congregation, invited Jamie to showcase his talent at a local concert. That concert unleashed endless possibilities for the lifetime.

After conducting a successful concert, Jamie was invited to sing on the United Cerebral Palsy telethon in Monroe, LA., and many Hollywood stars. Young Coulter sang, “The Crippled Boy’s Prayer.” He waited all day long before finally getting a chance to sing. It was a phenomenal performance. He was exhausted but knew he had done exceedingly well at the concert.

He received a well-deserved appreciation for his performance, with fans requesting him to continue following his passion for music. Futile attempts were made by police and CD radio communicators trying to find young Jamie and his mother Marie on the road, in hopes of Jamie’s return to the stage, in song. They had returned home before learning of this news. The following day, he received a call from a producer, who invited him to perform at the “Weekend With The Stars Telethon.” That event served as the turning point in his career. Since then, he has been traveling the world singing and preaching the Gospel with a passion for reconnecting the souls with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Successful Manhood

Fast forward, now Jamie lives with his beautiful wife, Michelle, the love of his life. He has a daughter named Haley and two awesome grandbabies.

2022 is a milestone year for Jamie. He will be celebrating 50 years in Gospel Music. Being able to travel all around the world, share the stage with almost every Gospel artist out there, and other countless achievements – having a cartoon character from his life and a soon-to-published autobiography, to name a few – he has lived his life to the fullest.

Hand Jamie a guitar, and he will take you to the most rewarding journey of spiritual awakening, giving you a life-changing experience. Each of his performances is so inspirational, immaculate, yet soul-stirring that you can’t ignore his aura on stage. Envision him off stage racing along on a four-wheeler or his skateboard, and you will get an accurate picture of Jamie Coulter’s personality.

Over time, he has taken strides in his musical career, allowing him to pursue his dreams and aspirations energetically.

In Jamie’s own words, “if you see me and feel sorry for me, your feeling sorry for the wrong person. You should feel sorry for the one in front of you, behind you, or beside you, who doesn’t know the Lord Jesus.”