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Jamie Coulter, a 3-ft “Skateboard Preacher” and Little Giant of Gospel Music,” is a man on a mission with a life-changing message!

Key Message

To introduce a lost and dying world to the Lord Jesus Christ

Jamie Coulter is passionate about reconnecting the ‘lost and dying’ world to Lord Jesus Christ. Using his soulful Christian Country Songs, he preaches harmony, love, peace, and integrity. He embodies positivity and professionalism and wants to serve people with his art, spreading powerful, yet universal messages worldwide.

He started singing when he was six years old. He has recorded several albums, with many of his songs making it to the top 10 on various music charts. His life has been featured on the worldwide radio show, Unshackled. Country singer David Frizzell has also created a cartoon character on his inspiring life. Publisher and writer Scot England will also publish his autobiography this year.

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